At Yeghoian Grading & Paving, we offer a full range of grading and paving services for both commercial and residential job sites. Whether you require new paving construction, parking lot repair, or regular asphalt maintenance, we have the staff and capabilities to take care of any job from small to large.


We have the capabilities to move massive amounts of land, from just a few cubic yards to thousands. Let us level your parking lot and provide a flat area where concrete slabs for the foundation can be laid and asphalt poured to form a parking lot or driveway. We use all of our own equipment and keep everything on site, so that you can trust in the results and our expertise.


We love working with new construction projects. Let us lay the brand new paving for your road, driveway, parking lot, and more.


When it comes to asphalt repairs, no job is too big or too small for our team. Before you pay the money to completely repave, talk to our team about a quick and easy repair service instead. Almost any hole can be easily repaired from large potholes to small divots. Save money and time with our repair service.


Just like potholes, we can also repair your asphalt cracks in driveways and pavement. This service can help prevent any major damage in the future. Depending on the size, length, and depth of the crack itself, we can work with you to get the job done in a timely and affordable manner. Don’t let asphalt cracks linger. Take care of them right away and enjoy your pavement for years to come.


Parking lots go through a lot of wear and tear over the years. If you don’t take care of them and protect them with sealcoating, their lifespan will be far too short and the damage far too expensive. Protect your investment by sealcoating your new parking lot to prevent water and sun damage along with normal wear and tear.


We offer more than just asphalt grading and paving. When it comes to your parking lot, we can also draw lines, arrows, handicapped stalls, compact spaces, fire lanes, spot numbering, and more. No matter what type of line work you need, we can do it.


Make sure you’re handicap accessible. Let us set up proper handicap areas, parking lot ramps, and more. Don’t get caught not providing the necessary services to handicap individuals. We’ll keep you compliant.


Keeping your parking lot in prime condition can be a struggle. Let Yeghoian Grading & Paving take care of the work. We can fix wheel stops, put in stop signs, add speed bumps, complete minor paving repairs, and implement an overall upkeep plan.

Call 760-247-8741 today to talk to one of our knowledgeable staff members about your asphalt grading and paving needs or to set up your appointment for a FREE estimate.

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Yeghoian Grading & Paving is a licensed contractor. Our License Number is: CA 502204